HYGEIA Group actively participates in the World Health Organization campaign ‘SAVE LIVES’: wash your hands! »

The hospitals HYGEIA, MITERA, LETO and MITERA Children’s Hospital of HYGEIA Group, on the occasion of the Global Handwashing Day, on Wednesday, May 5, 2010, actively participate in the World Health Organization campaign ‘SAVE LIVES: wash your hands!’
The campaign’s aim is to help employees and all stakeholders in the hospitalization premises to mitigate the microbes’ dissemination risk, avoiding thus contagion of infections.
In the framework of actions planned at HYGEIA group Hospitals, on Thursday, May 6, information brochures will be handed out elaborating on the significance of hands hygiene and motivation pins, while at the hospital entrances specially designed apparatuses will be available to visitors for disinfection of hands. In all Hospitals, working screens and the television sets in shared spaces will show motivation messages on hands hygiene.
As stressed by the Infections Committee Chairman of HYGEIA & Director of the B’ Pathology Clinic, Mr. Kostis Georgilis ‘ Not only in hospitals but also in the broader society, promotion of hand hygiene reduces infections of any kind, such as gastrenterical and respiratory. Particularly for children, the hygiene of adults’ hands surrounding them largely protects them from microorganisms’.
‘In our Hospitals’, says Mr. Georgilis, ‘all employees try not to omit washing their hands with soap and water or disinfecting their hands with an antiseptic, before and after a patient’s care. We also urge patients’ visitors to do the same. To facilitate hands hygiene for all, at every corner of our hospitals, apparatuses with hands antiseptic are available’.
Hands hygiene is everybody’s concern! Whether with washing or disinfection, it remains the most important preventive measure of healthcare associated infections, as it prevents transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.