HYGEIA: Free medical exams and medications for the people of Evrytania

“Travelling for Health 2013” Program Continues
HYGEIA Hospital offered free-of-charge medical exams and medications/medical supplies to the people of Evrytania. This is the second action of the “Travelling for Health” program, which forms part of HYGEIA Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

On October 18 and 19, a team of 56 HYGEIA Group volunteers travelled to Karpenisi and performed 3,500 free medical and diagnostic tests on 1,200 residents of Evrytania. The team was made up of 26 physicians with 14 different specialties, as well as nursing, technical and administrative staff.
The medical team included three internal medicine doctors, four cardiologists, two general surgeons, two ophthalmologists, two pediatricians, a plastic surgeon, a vascular surgeon, two gynecologists, two orthopedic doctors, two ENT doctors, two radiologists, an anesthesiologist, a urologist and a pulmonologist. The exams were performed at the Karpenisi Conference Center, which had been set up accordingly with equipment that had been transferred by HYGEIA vehicles.

The diagnostic tests included blood tests, Pap tests, body & vascular U/S, cardiograms and heart pulsed-wave Doppler, while 15 minor surgeries were also performed.  HYGEIA Group also donated a fully-equipped pediatric crash cart and a color ultrasound imaging device to Karpenisi Hospital.