HHG Establishes New Gynecologic Oncology Center at MITERA

The Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG), the largest private healthcare group in Greece, is establishing a Gynecologic Oncology Center at MITERA, the hospital with a long and successful tradition in gynecologic healthcare in the country. The Center is set to provide top services to women suffering from gynecologic malignancies.

Mr. Nikolaos Akrivos and Mr. Vasileios Sioulas, both certified as Gynecologic Oncologists by the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO), will serve as Scientific Directors of the Center.

The HHG Gynecologic Oncology Center is the first private hospital unit exclusively dedicated to the treatment of gynecologic cancer. Patients will have access to the latest techniques, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery, sentinel lymph node technique for disease staging, cytoreductive procedures for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer, and surgical strategies for fertility preservation in young patients with gynecologic cancer.

The primary aim of the Center is to provide well-rounded oncologic care based on the individual needs of each patient, spanning from early diagnosis and staging to effective therapy and treatment. To achieve this, it with work closely with a large team of doctors of related specialties with long experience in the management of gynecologic cancer, including Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Pathologists, Cytologists and Radiologists. Furthermore, qualified Psychologists, Nutritionists and Physiotherapists will ensure overall support for the Center’s patients.

The Center will offer:

  • Detailed information on the disease, consultation regarding treatment and mental support to patients diagnosed with gynecologic cancer.
  • Surgical treatment of the disease by gynecologists specializing and certified in gynecologic oncology.
  • Thorough discussion about each patient at the Gynecologic Oncology Council, where a team of doctors with related specialties will formulate the most suitable treatment and follow-up plan.