A social offer with the free upgrade from a four-bed to a three-bed room without any additional charges

In the context of the Corporate Social Responsibility of HYGEIA Group and on the occasion of its extensive renovation, MITERA Maternity Hospital upgraded the quality of its services. MITERA gives the opportunity to women who select the economy class hospitalization to be hospitalized in a three-bed room instead of a four-bed room, as it happened until recently, without any additional charges.

This upgrade allows for the better accommodation of the mother and of the child while facilitating the work of the medical and nursing staff. Additionally, the increase of the nursing area per bed improves the quality of the provided services and safeguards the mother’s and the neonate’s health.

”This is a strategic move in favor of the quality of the health services provided to the families that place their trust in our Hospital” stated the Chairman of HYGEIA and MITERA Board of Directors, Mr. Konstantinos Stavrou. «It is yet another substantial provision by the HYGEIA Group, an MIG pylon in the Health sector».

With this upgrade, MITERA will also encourage breast feeding and expand “rooming in” (newborn’s stay next to the mother during the whole hospitalization period) to three-bed rooms as well, in strict compliance with the corresponding guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, as regards hospitals which are “friendly to newborns”.

”With this move we inaugurate a new era for private maternity hospitals, by setting higher standards with respect to hospitalization quality”, added the Managing Director of MITERA, Mr Alexios Komninos. ”With our 30-year experience in the field we can respond promptly and reliably to the needs of the Greek family and lead the way”.