Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Medical Doctor, Athens National and Kapodistrian University, School of Medicine – Grade: Excellent
  • Ph.D., Athens National and Kapodistrian University, School of Medicine
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support, eACLS


Doctoral thesis

  • Effects of adrenergic and cholinergic factors (agonists – antogonists) on leukemic cells. In vitro studies in liquid cultures. Athens National and Kapodistrian University. Medical School. 2002. Grade: Excellent

Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Greek Society of Internal Medicine

  • Greek Society of Emergency Outpatient Medicine


Work Experience

  • Country Duty, Kokkala Medical Office – Areopolis Health Center (1995-1996)

  • Doctor, Hellenic Air Force, 111 Wing, 1997

  • Assistant, 251 Air Force Hospital, 1st Department of Internal Medicine (1997-1998)

  • Registrar in Internal Medicine, “Laikon” University Hospital, 1st Department of Internal Medicine (1998-2003)

  • Lecturer in Internal Medicine, Athens National and Kapodistrian University, Medical School (2011)

  • Consultant, HYGEIA Hospital, 1st Department of Internal Medicine (since 2004)

  • Associate Director of the 1st Department of Internal Medicine, HYGEIA Hospital (since 2016)

  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer, HYGEIA Hospital (since 2017)

Educational Experience

  • Athens National and Kapodistrian University, Medical School. Medical students training on clinical examination (2002-2011)

  • Athens National and Kapodistrian University, Medical School. Lecturer in Internal Medicine (2011)


Clinical & Research Interest

Clinical Interest

  • Respiratory diseases

  • Hematologic diseases

  • Emergency medicine

Research Interest

  • Cell cultures in liquid media

  • Pathophysiology and diseases of the respiratory system

  • Design and development of Electronic Health Record Systems – Member of the working team (2014-2016), vice president (2016-2020) and subsequently President (since 2020) of the Electronic Health Record committee of Hygeia Hospital



  • S. Tasiopoulos. Clinical examination – Pathogenetic mechanism of clinical signs – Clinical findings of the main pathologic and pathophysiologic syndromes. Paschalides medical editions, Athens 2000. Chapter 4: Lymphatic system, p. 145-154.

  • Hygeia Hospital Medical Editions.

    • Vaccinations in adults (2006)

    • The significance of clinical guidelines (2011)

  • Translation in greek of chapters in:

    • MacLeod’s. Clinical Examination.

    • Davidson’s. Principles and practice of medicine.


Recent Publications

22 international publications, 8 publications in Greek scientific journals, 15 oral presentations in international and greek medical congresses. Total Impact Factor: 51,24. More than 200 citations until July 2020.

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  2. Tassiopoulos S, Kontos A, Konstantopoulos K, Hadzistavrou C, Vaiopoulos G, Aessopos A, Tassiopoulos T. Erythropoietic response to hypoxaemia in diffuse idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, as opposed to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Respir Med 2001; 95(6): 471-5

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