Karsaliakou Georgia

Karsaliakou Georgia Opthalmologist

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • 15/02/11 and continues: Opthalmologist at the HYGEIA hospital, Athens, GR
  • Opthalmologist in private practice
  • 26/11/10 – 14/02/11:Extended participation at the Opthalmology department of “Policliniki” hospital, Athens, GR, where I remain until today as a scientific associate.
  • 25/08/06 – 25/11/10:Opthalmology specialty at “Policliniki” hospital, Athens, GR, and assistant surgeon for six months to Opthalmology clinic of “Red Cross” hospital, Athens, GR (vitrectomy and retinal detachment surgical procedures)
  • 06/10/03 – 10/06/05:assistant ENT surgeon in a private clinic.
  • 05/09/02 – 04/09/03:laser application in specialized aesthetic center.
  • 02/02/02 – 02/08/02:extended rural service in Nestani regional center and emergency department of pathology at “Panarcadian” hospital of Tripolis, Arcadia, GR.
  • 02/02/01 – 02/02/02:Rural service in regional community center and on-call duty to emergency department of Internal medicine at “Panarcadian” hospital of Tripolis, Arcadia, GR .
  • 02/11/00 – 01/02/01:Specialty in three different departments of “Panarcadian” hospital (Cardiology, Internal medicine, general surgery)
  • 1994-2000:Bachelor of Medicine UniversityAthens,GR,grade:7,1
  • 01/07/98 – 01/09/98:Two- month internship at the emergency department at the hospital of Zakynthos.


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Member of the Hellenic Society ofOpthalmology

  • Member of the European Society of Opthalmology


Work Experience

  • 15/02/11 and continues: Opthalmologist at HYGEIA hospital and in private practice.