Drymousis Meletios

Drymousis Meletios Orthopedist

Director, 2nd Orthopedic Department

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • October 1984- July1990: University of Thessaloniki – School of Medicine, Thessaloniki, Greece M.D.
  • August 1991 – September 1992: Rural Doctor, Pentalofos Regional Medical Center, Kozani, Greece.
  • December 1992 – December 1993: Trainee Doctor, 2nd Surgery Division, General Hospital “Asklepieio Voulas”, Athens, Greece.
  • January 1994 – January 1998: Trainee Doctor, 1st Orthopedic Division, General Hospital “Asklepieio Voulas”, Athens, Greece.
  • March 1998 – June 1998: Medical University of Vienna – Department of Orthopaedics, Austria, Orthopaedic Oncology
  • October 1998- July 1999: Johns Hopkins University – Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Baltimore, U.S.A.,  Baltimore, U.S.A., Orthopaedic Oncology and Metabolic Disorders, Join Replacement – Fractures.

PhD/ Thesis

27 June 2000: Democretus University of Thrace – Medical Department, Komotini, Greece, Ph.D. in Medicine. 
Thesis: Study of the consequences of pathological fractures during the skeletal metastases of malignant tumors stage on Public Health and Economy (1997 – 2000}.

Board Member

  • Hellenic Association of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (HAOST)
  • Hellenic College of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Hellenic Ankle and Foot Society,  
  • Hellenic Orthopaedic Oncology Society 

Professional Experience

  • January 2012 – present: “Mitera Hospital”-Hygeia Group, Athens,Greece Chief of the 2nd Department of Orthopedics. “HYGEIA” Hospital: Exclusive Medical Officer
  • February 2009 – December 2011:  Henry Dunant Hospital, Athens, Greece ”Deputy Director of the 1st Department of Orthopedics.
  • April 2005 – January 2009: Henry Dunant Hospital, Athens, Greece 1st Consultant in the 2nd Department of Orthopedics.
  • July 2000 – March 2005: Exclusive Medical Officer in the 2nd Department of Orthopedics, Henry Dunant Hospital, Athens, Greece

Education Experience

  • Democretus University of Thrace – Medical Department, Komotini, Greece
    Ph.D. in Medicine, 1997 – 2000
    Thesis: Study of the consequences of pathological fractures during the skeletal metastases of malignant tumors stage on Public Health and Economy.
  • University of Thessaloniki – School of Medicine, Thessaloniki, Greece, M.D., 1984-1990.
    Thesis: “Malignant tumors of extra-hepatic billary ducts”
  • 1st Musculoskeletal Tumor Course, Athens 1-2/11/2013.
  • Educational Seminar “TARGON Interlocking Nailing Course”, Athens 26/2/2005.
  • 2nd  Shoulder Surgery Seminar with practice-University of Thessaloniki, 1s Orthopaedic Clinic, Thessaloniki 3-4/11/2000.
  • Hip and Knee Joint Arthroplasty Seminar, Athens 19-20/2/2000.
  • 2nd Intermedullary Nailing Educational Seminar with practice,Patra 4-5/4/1997.
  • Current Concepts in Joint Replacement: Short Course in Athens, 26-27/9/1997.
  • 2nd Advanced Course – ΑΟ Internatiοnal, 1st-2nd Orthopaedic Departments of Uni-versity of Athens , Athens 23-28/6/1997.
  • Οrthofix Seminar, Bussolengo Verona 7-8/10/1996.
  • 3rd Basic Course for Osteosynthesis –AO International, Orthopaedic Clinic of Uni-versity of Ioannina, Metsovo –Ioannina 21-24/3/96.
  • 8th Seminar for Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, Scientific Society of Orthopaedic Clinics- Asklepeio Voulas Hospital, 21-23/3/1995.
  • 6th Inter-University Seminar for Osteosynthesis, Hersonissos-Herakleio, Crete, 2-5/3/1995.
  • 2nd Postgraduate Seminar- Bone and Tissue Grafting Laboratory-Subject: “ Recep-tion- Processing – Sterilization – Conservation and Using in Reconstructive Surgery” 1st Ortopaedic Department-Asklepeion Voulas General  Hospital, Athens 27-29/3/1996.
  • 1st Seminar-Laboratory of Tissue Grafts: “ Tissues Banks and Tissue Grafts Use in Surgery”,  1st Ortopaedic Department-Asklepeion Voulas General Hospital, Athens 27-29/9/1994.

Clinical and Research Interest

Clinical Interest

  • General Orthopaedic-Trauma
  • Orthopaedic Oncology
  • Reconstructive Joint Surgery
  • Ankle and Foot Surgery  
  • Sports Injury

Research Interest:

Training Responsibilities

  • 2nd Postgraduate Seminar – Bone and Tissue Grafting Laboratory – Subject: “Reception – Processing-Sterilization-Conservation and Using in Reconstructive Surgery”, 27 – 29/3/96, at the General Hospital “Asklepieio Voulas”
  • Postgraduate Oncology Seminar, 21/3/95-23/3/95, at the General Hospital “Asklepieio Voulas”
  • 1st Postgraduate Seminar of Bone and Tissue Grafting Bank,  27/9/94 – 30/9/94, at the  General Hospital “Asklepieio Voulas”


Athens Medical Association Award for Voluntary Medical Services in Social Care Mission.

Recent Publications

  • M.Drymoussis, P.Safos, G.Safos, N.Triantafyllou: Management of large bone defects with Kotz endoprosthesis. Acta Orthopaedica Hellenica: 49 (1), 20-26, 1998.
  • M. Drymoussis: Σάρκωμα Ewing’s. Acta Ortopaedica Hellenica:49 (2), 107-121, 1998.
  • Μ.D. Drymoussis, S.A.Lietman, F.J.Frassica: The large Bone Defects Management with Massive Bone Grafting. Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Hellenica: Vol 50, compl. 1: 74, 1999 . 
  • Μ.D. Drymoussis, F.J.Frassica: Soft Tissue Sarcoma Management and Local Recurrence as Prognostic Survivor Factor. Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Hellenica: Vol.50, Suppl 1:73, 1999. 
  • M.Drymoussis, S. Voutzoulias, N.Triantafyllou: The direct treatment cost of patients with pathologic fractures in metastatic disease. Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Hellenica: Volume 50, additional issue 1:73-74, 1999 (Summary).
  • M.Drymoussis, N.Lagios, J.Vailas, E. Thomas, N.Triantafyllou, A.P.Tsamatropoulos: Results of the pathologic fractures surgical treatment. Hellenic Oncology: 33 (3): 27, July-September 1997 (Summary).
  • .Kouvaras, M.Drymoussis, N.Kalamakis, T.Spyropoulou, N.Triantafyllou: Comparative Arthroscopic Study of Patella Chondromalacia with Suspect Meniscal Lesion.    “Sports and Society” – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of Thrace University. Issue Νο 15, 1996.
  • A.P.Tsamatropoulos, N.Lagios, J.Vailas, M.Drymoussis, E. Thomas, N.Triantafyllou: Total Arthroplasty as limb-sparing method in Orthopaedic Oncology. Hellenic Oncology: 33 (3): 28, July-September 1997 (Summary).
  • M.Drymoussis, M.Dominkus, E.Schwameis, R.Kotz: Adamantinoma: A rare primary bone tumor. Our clinical experience. ACTA Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Hellenica: 51 (Compl.2): 57-58, 2000 (Summary)10.
  • M.Drymoussis,  M.Dominkus, E. Schwameis, R. Kotz: Adamantinoma: A rare primary malignant tumor of long bones. Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Hellenica:52(1):71-80, 2001.

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