Dardoufas Konstantinos

Dardoufas Konstantinos Radiation

Director, Radiation Oncology Center HYGEIA Hospital

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Athens University Medical School
  • Registrar and qualification in Radiology (1982)
  • Honorary Registrar – Clinical assistant. The Royal Marsden Hospital (London and Surrey, UK) (1984-1987)
  • Registrar and qualification in Radiotherapy – Oncology (1987)
  • Lecturer, Medical School, University of Athens (1988)
  • Assistant Professor, Medical School, University of Athens (1992)
  • Associate Professor, Medical School, University of Athens (1999)


Doctoral thesis

  • “The Contribution of Computerized Tomography in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning”, PhD thesis, University of Athens (1982)

Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO)

  • European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 

  • British Oncology Association (BOA) 

  • European Association for Cancer Education (EACE)

  • European Association for Palliative care (EAPC)

  • The British Institute of Radiology (BIR)

  • European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO)

  • Balkan Union of Oncology (BUON)

  • European Society of Mastology (EUSOMA)

  • Hellenic Society for Radiology

  • Hellenic Society for Mastology

  • Hellenic Society for Radiotherapy – Oncology – Founding member

  • Hellenic Society for Breast Cancer Research

  • Hellenic Society for Illnesses of the Esophagus 

  • Hellenic Society for Symptomatic and Palliative Treatment of Neoplastic Illnesses – Founding member

  • Hellenic Society for Radioprotection

  • Hellenic Society for Head and Neck cancer (EEOHN)


Work Experience

  • Senior Registrar in Radiotherapy and Oncology, Aretaieion Hospital, Athens University, Medical School 

  • Honorary Registrar – Clinical assistant, The Royal Marsden Hospital, London and Surrey, UK

  • Head of the 2nd Radiotherapy Unit, Aretaieion Hospital, Athens University Medical School

  • Head of the Interstitial Brachytherapy Unit, Aretaieion Hospital, Athens University Medical School

  • Co-director of the Radiotherapy Unit, Evgenideion Hospital Athens University

  • Member of Oncology Board at various Hospitals in Athens (Hygeia, Mitera, Lito, Ippokration, Aretaieion Hospital) 

  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Oncology Centre, Hygeia Hospital, Athens 

  • Director, Center of Radiation Oncology, Hygeia Hospital, Athens

Education Experience:

  • Radiology – Radiotherapy – Oncology: undergraduate Medical students 

  • Radiation Oncology: IAEA Regional postgraduate courses on Radiation Protection 

  • Radiotherapy: postgraduate Medical Physics students 

  • Supervisor in several PhD thesis in Radiotherapy – Oncology, University of Athens

  • Member of examination panel for the specialization in Radiation Oncology on behalf of the Hellenic Ministry of Health 

  • Lectures in educational seminars in the field of Radiation Oncology


Clinical & Research Interest

Clinical Interest:

  • Clinical introduction and use of advanced radiotherapy techniques such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT/VMAT), IGRT and adaptive radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy/radiosurgery, stereotactic radiotherapy 

Research Interest:

  • Use of advanced imaging modalities in radiotherapy treatment planning 

  • Comparison of advanced radiotherapy techniques using biological criteria

  • Treatment protocols


Honors & Awards

  • Scholarship from the Greek Scholarship Foundation (IKY) for postgraduate studies in Radiation Oncology in UK (1984 – 1987)

  • Honorary Appointment as Honorary Registrar and Clinical Assistant, The Royal Marsden Ηospital, Academic Unit, UK (1984)



  • 20 chapters in books and national/international conference proceedings in the field of Radiation Oncology

Recent Publications

  • Andreou M, Karaiskos P, Kordolaimi S, Koutsouveli E, Sandilos P, Dimitriou P, Dardoufas C, Georgiou E, “Anatomy- vs. fluence-based planning for prostate cancer treatments using VMAT” Physica Medica 30, 202-208 (2014)

  • Tzikas A, Karaiskos P, Papanikolaou N, Sandilos P, Koutsouveli E, Lavdas E, Scarleas C, Dardoufas K, Lind BK and Mavroidis P “Investigating the Clinical Aspects of Using CT vs. CT-MRI Images During Organ Delineation and Treatment Planning in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy”, Technol Cancer Res Treat. 10, 231-42 (2011)

  • Chatzigiannis C, Lymperopoulou G, Sandilos P, Dardoufas C, Yakoumakis E, Georgiou E and Karaiskos P, “Dose perturbation in the radiotherapy of breast cancer patients implanted with the MAGNA SITETM: A Monte Carlo study ” J Appl Clin Med Phys 19, 3295-304 (2011)

  • Nicolatou-Galitis O, Kouloulias V, Sotiropoulou-Lountou A, Dardoufas K, Polychronopoulou A, Athanassiadou P, Kolitsi G and Kouvaris J, “Oral Mucositis, Pain and Xerostomia in 135 Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy with or without Chemotherapy”, The Open Cancer Journal 4, 7-17 (2011)

  • Sandilos P, Angelopoulos A, Baras P, Dardoufas K, Karaiskos P, Kipouros P, Kozicki M, Rosiak J M, Sakelliou L, Seimenis I and Vlahos L “Dose verification in clinical IMRT prostate incidents”, Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 59, 1540-1547 (2004)