Travelling for Health Program, Leros

HYGEIA Group offered free-of-charge medical exams to the people of Leros at July 8-9, 2016. This is the sixth action of the “Traveling for Health” program, which forms part of HYGEIA Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

A team of 110 volunteers made up of medical nursing, technical and administrative staff from HYGEIA Group traveled to the island on a SuperFast line ferry to examine 1450 residents, while they also performed around 6,000 free-of-charge physical and diagnostic exams.

The exams were performed at the Alinta Primary School on July 8 and 9 by a team of 39 physicians with 16 medical specialties, including vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedic specialists, urologists, ophthalmologists, internal medicine specialists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, general surgeons, plastic surgeons and ENT specialists. The facilities had been set up accordingly with equipment that had been transferred by HYGEIA Group vehicles.

The diagnostic tests included blood tests (CBC and biochemical), body ultrasounds, Pap tests & gynecological ultrasounds, cardiograms, heart Doppler ultrasounds and spirometry tests, while minor surgeries were also performed. In addition, HYGEIA Group doctors made 5 house calls to offer medical care. Dairy company DELTA also made a significant contribution to the effort, distributing milk, juices and tea to the people who arrived to be examined.