Press Release HYGEIA: Continuing to offer to the homeless of Athens

The HYGEIA Group is continuing its aid project to provide assistance the homeless of Athens, with the support of various companies of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG), companies collaborating with HYGEIA, as well as volunteer employees.

On Wednesday March 28th, a HYGEIA Group team visited the City of Athens Homeless Shelter (KYADA) and distributed 1,000 meals, donated by the company Everest, 1,000 portions of seasonal fruit, 300 chocolate Easter eggs for the children, kindly donated by the MARFIN Foundation, and 500 croissants, donated by the company Chipita.

Over the last two weeks, 2,000 meals, donated by Everest, 2,000 portions of fruit and 1,000 bags of nuts, donated by the company Olympic Air, and medical supplies, donated by HYGEIA Hospital, were distributed at the Homeless Shelter. In addition, the children of the poor families that dine at the Shelter daily received 300 cartons of Milko milk (500ml) and 300 tubs of children’s yogurt, kindly donated by the company DELTA of the Vivartia Group.

Since the start of the aid project on January 29th, the Homeless Shelter has received medications and medical supplies, 500 sleeping bags, 80,400 disposable food containers, 4,200 meals, 500 packaged sandwiches, 6,200 portions of seasonal fruit, 1,000 bags of nuts, 500 croissants, 1,000 Life juice cartons and 2,000 pastries. Moreover, the children have received 200 bags of chocolate pastries, 700 cartons of milk (mmmilk), 300 cartons of Milko milk (500ml), 65 boxes of Nounou Kid and Noulac milk, 500 tubs of Be cool children’s yogurt, as well as coloring pads, coloring pens and toys.
The HYGEIA Group has also donated a cargo van to the Homeless Shelter for distributing and transferring various items, while two commercial refrigerators have been installed in the Shelter. A roof has also been constructed over the outdoor area where the food is distributed, and wooden partition boards have been already delivered to the Shelter for fencing the yard and creating a recreational area for the children.

Commenting on the aid initiatives for the City of Athens homeless, HYGEIA Group’s CEO, MsAretiSouvatzoglou, said:

“It is up to us to ensure that the difficult times our country is facing will not prove detrimental to some of our fellow human beings. Even more so now, in view of the Easter celebrations, we ought to assist the people in need. The unwavering support of the MIG companies, as well as our Group’s employees, gives us the strength to continue our social contribution” .