HYGEIA Group: Aid Project for the Homeless of Athens

The HYGEIA Group has launched an emergency project to provide assistance to the homeless of Athens. The project, which has already started being implemented, includes a series of actions aiming at addressing the basic needs of the homeless in the City of Athens.

The project is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives undertaken by the HYGEIA Group, which owns the hospitals HYGEIA, MITERA and LETO, the MITERA Children’s Hospital, and the Diagnostic Centers, “Athens Bio-Check International Clinic” and “West Athens Primary Medical Care Clinic”.

The first needful actions, include the distribution of 500 sleeping bags and 35,000 disposable food containers, as well as the provision of medications and medical supplies to the City of Athens Homeless Shelter. In addition, two commercial refrigerators were delivered to the center, courtesy of Vivartia, a member of the Marfin Investment Group.

On February 7th, a cargo van will be donated to the City of Athens Homeless Shelter. Moreover, 900 kg of fruit and 2,000 pastries will be distributed to the homeless of the Shelter. Moreover, milk, juices, coloring pads, coloring pens and games will be distributed to the children of the poor families that dine at the Shelter daily.

In the meantime, the technical service of the HYGEIA Group is planning on constructing a much-needed fence in the yard of the City of Athens Homeless Shelter. In addition, informational material about the Shelter will also be printed.

Commenting on the aid project for the City of Athens homeless, HYGEIA Group’s CEO, MsAretiSouvatzoglou, said:
“The HYGEIA Group is standing by the people in need, with respect and sensitivity. Especially during the tough times we are experiencing nowadays, we ought to make a contribution to the people who are suffering. This is our responsibility and I should highlight that this mission has been embraced by everyone who works in our Group. The Administration supports the implementation of the project, while the employees voluntarily have offered to assist our homeless fellow citizens. This major support has encouraged us to further continue our efforts”.