The free-of-charge vaccination program for children continues

MITERA Children’s Hospital, in affiliation with the NGO Doctors of the World in Perama, is continuing its free-of-charge vaccination program for children.

On the occasion of the International Day of Families on Tuesday May 15, and due to a shortage of vaccines, representatives from the Children’s Hospital, accompanied by one of the hospital’s ambulances, delivered a total of 90 vaccines covering three types of diseases (chicken pox, meningiococcus and pneumococcus) to the Perama Clinic.

The free-of-charge vaccination program for the children visiting the “Doctors of the World” Medical Clinic in Perama was launched in December 2011 with the aim of covering the needs of children who, due to the adverse economic conditions, have lost one of their fundamental rights: that of access to healthcare and pharmaceutical care.

Mr Nikitas Kanakis, Chairman of the Doctors of the World Greece Board, noted, “Thanks to the valuable contribution of HYGEIA Group, more than 300 underprivileged Greek children who were deprived of access to basic immunization just because they were uninsured, are returning to school vaccinated. Since the state cannot safeguard the fundamental rights of these children, such as healthcare and vaccination, we are increasingly obligated to do so. The generous support offered by the HYGEIA Group assists us in continuing our efforts.”

On her part, HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Ms. Areti Souvatzoglou, stated, “For us at MITERA Children’s Hospital, children are the center of our universe. We could not but continue our social contribution for the benefit of the children in need, as prevention is a thousand times better than the cure. Besides, in the almost 10 years it has been operating, MITERA Children’s Hospital, the most comprehensive tertiary children’s healthcare provider in Greece, has been standing by children and their families with respect and a sense of responsibility, fully addressing all their needs.”