ROBOTIC SURGERY: Fibromyomas were efficiently removed with Da Vinci ® S Robotic System

The removal of two fibromyomas, 2.5 and 4.5 cm, was successfully carried out on a 30-year-old woman by laparoscopic surgery with the last generation Da Vinci ® S Robotic Surgery System at the HYGEIA Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center of Athens.

The operation was performed by Mr. Georgios Politis and Mr. Christos Maroudis, both Obstetricians-Gynecologists of MITERA.

In particular, fibromyomas were removed noninvasively, without any direct contact of human hands or complications. The patient was able to leave the Hospital the day after the surgery.

After the end of the operation, Mr. Politis stated that “The method is definitely an advancement of laparoscopic surgery since the accuracy of the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system leads to fewer adhesions. It becomes clear that in order to achieve the best possible result the surgeons should be highly specialized in laparoscopic surgery and in the use of advanced techniques (robotic systems).”

Mr. Maroudis added that the application of robotic system on telemedicine enables a surgeon to carry out remote operations without his physical presence in the operating room. He pointed out that “This method gives perspectives on conducting personalized and specialized operations that can fill an essential yet unmet need of our country, due to its specific geographical location.”

Robotic surgery ensures precision within tenths of a millimeter and practically eliminates the probability of human error. Blood loss is minimal, hospitalization and rehabilitation time are significantly shorter, while the patient can quickly return to normal life.