Prevention is Better than Cure!


We should make Prevention… our lifestyle!!!

Under this message, dedicated to the Woman’s Day, the Board of Directors of the MITERA, HYGEIA, LITO Hospitals co-organised a Press Conference in the CARAVEL hotel at 12:00.

The purpose of this Press Conference was to increase the awareness and inform the female population on the value and importance of Prevention in the fight against breast and uterine cervix cancer.

Municipality of Athens, EUROPA DONNA Hellas and the Greek Cytological Society were also sponsoring this informational campaign.

In this Press Conference, Obstetrician – Gynaecologist, Head of the MITERA Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology Department Mr Aristides Solidakismentioned the significance of regular examination with Pap Test whereas Breast Surgeon, collaborator of the Breast Centre of LITO Obstetrics Clinic, Mrs Eleni Faliakou talked about the mammography control.

On behalf of the Boards of Directors of the three Hospitals, the Vice-president of the HYGEIA Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centre of Athens, Mr Themistocles Charamis, announced the actions which will aim to providing the widest possible information to women in order to protect themselves from these two dangerous types of female cancer.

Unfortunately, there are many women who don’t know or who don’t believe that they may be in danger.

Every 18 minutes a woman dies in Europe from carcinoma of the uterine cervix. Carcinoma of the uterine cervix is the second more frequently observed type of cancer in women under 45 years old.

One out of ten women are affected by breast cancer during the course of life. Every year one million women are diagnosed with breast cancer all over the world.

Only regular check ups with Pap Test and Mammography can help to the timely detection and treatment of the Cancer.

In this direction these three Hospitals printed 50,000 information leaflets over the significance of Prevention in the frames of a special informational campaign, and they were distributed in the centre of Athens and at the premises of the three hospitals as well.

At the same time it was announced that they offer to the Municipality of Athens 1,600 free Pap Tests and Mammography within the framework of their social responsibility and the preventive medicine program implemented by the Municipality at the Municipality Departments. This action is a new idea of the three Administrations and it expresses the natural desire of the MITERA, HYGEIA, and LITO hospitals to participate, get involved and integrated more actively in the societies within which they operate, offering, within the framework of their Social Responsibility principles, actions directly connected to their object: HEALTH.

The long term target of all the aforementioned actions towards the information and awareness of women over the prevention of Breast and Uterine Cervix Cancer is to alert and inform the State to create a National Prevention Program in collaboration with all scientific organisations – public and private.

Because the best and most effective treatment and cure of cancer is its timely diagnosis!