Press Release MITERA: Receives Energy Efficiency Award / Energy Mastering Awards 2015

MITERA Hospital received the silver award in the Energy Services Companies category at the Energy Mastering Awards 2015 for executing an energy upgrade contract.

MITERA was the only hospital participating in the category and it was distinguished among a vast number of companies for the energy management practices it has adopted.

The award concerned the contract MITERA entered into for the energy upgrade of vital areas around the hospital, especially the central air conditioning units.

The action included:

•  Installing a new building energy management system (BEMS) by Siemens, a computer-based system that offers real-time control of the energy-intensive air conditioning and lighting systems in all common areas of the hospital, as well as optimizes the performance of the cogeneration unit.

•  Replacing all conventional light bulbs in common areas (approximately 3,300 in total) with led lamps, as well as upgrading any other lighting fixtures that need to be replaced with latest generation equipment.

Commenting on this honorary distinction, MITERA Hospital’s CEO, Mr Andreas Kartapanis, referred to the social awareness of HYGEIA Group’s Management when it comes to good energy management practices, by gradually incorporating green energy alternatives. He further noted, “HYGEIA Group has undertaken sustainable environmental actions so as to operate with the least possible impact on the environment. By installing this system, combined with the smooth operation of the cogeneration unit, MITERA saves at least €150,000 annually on energy bills, not to mention its contribution in reducing harmful emissions.”