Press Release HYGEIA Group: New Developments in Clinical Microbiology – Lab test results in just a few minutes with the VITEK MS system

HYGEIA Group is ushering in a new era in Clinical Microbiology. It has recently installed and currently operates the first VITEK®MS MALDI TOF in the Central Labs of HYGEIA Hospital. This technology allows fast microbial identification from clinical samples, providing valuable information rapidly, so as to select the best antibiotic treatment, as well as proceed with the most suitable actions when managing epidemics and limiting the spread of infections. The Director of the HYGEIA Hospital Central Labs, Ms Eleni Papadogeorgaki, noted, “With the VITEK®MS system, the microbial identification results are available in just a few minutes compared to the traditional identification techniques, which required 24-72 hours from the time the bacteria was initially isolated. So apart from saving valuable time, clinical physicians may also commence or modify the most suitable treatment at once, contributing to offering better healthcare services to patients.” The system may analyze up to 192 samples simultaneously, while it has been designed for optimized workflow in the clinical microbiology lab and has been approved by the FDA and CE/IVD as a diagnostic tool. In his statements, HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Mr Anastasios Kyprianidis, confirmed the Group’s ongoing commitment to keep adopting innovative technologies for the benefit of patients. He further added, “Our unwavering aim is to offer quality healthcare services to our patients.”