Olympic Air – MITERA Children’s Hospital: Special offer for the children

On the occasion of celebrating the World Children’s Day, Olympic Air in cooperation with HYGEIA Group, offers a preventive medical examination to the children of all passengers of all Olympic Air domestic and international flights that fly from Friday, December 10th, until Sunday the 12th of December. The medical examination will take place at the MITERA Children’s Hospital and is offered at the special price of 10 Euros.

The preventive medical examination includes a paediatric examination and a series of important laboratory tests such as blood count, urine analysis, blood glucose levels and ferritin analysis.

The examination is by appointment only. Parents should call in until February 28th, 2011, and should also show the relevant form which will be distributed during the flights.

Children are the future of this world as well as the hope for a better tomorrow.

On the occasion of the World Children’s Day we strongly believe that it is our duty to assist families in preserving the most valuable asset of their children, their health.

After all, prevention is the best and the most effective treatment.