Official inauguration of the MITERA Hospital new VIP floor and MITERA Children’s Hospital new facilities

MITERA as well as MITERA Children’s Hospital facilities were recently upgraded. As a result, MITERA Children’s Hospital covers a wide spectrum of specialties in Clinical Paediatrics. With its reauthorization, MITERA is the largest private clinic in Greece, with a total capacity of 501 beds.

The official inauguration of the MITERA new VIP floor and the new MITERA Children’s Hospital facilities, under the umbrella of HYGEIA Group, were performed on Monday, October 25th, 2010, by Mr. Andreas Vgenopoulos, Chairman of MIG and Vice-President of HYGEIA Group, while during the ceremony a greeting speech was addressed by the Minister of Health, Nutrition and Sports, Mr. Andreas Loverdos. Also present at the inauguration ceremony were Mr. Daniel B. Smith, Ambassador of the U.S.A in Greece, Mr. Giannis Sgouros, Prefect of Attiki Prefecture, and Mr. Giannis Patoulis, Mayor of the City of Amaroussion.

In the context of the continuous upgrade of its facilities and services, MITERA renovated an area of about 8.000 m2, including the following:

• Renovation of its operation rooms at the 1st level through the construction of six (6) new operating rooms which follow the six (6) existing operating rooms, construction of 21 luxurious patient recovery rooms and of a special area for children pre-sedation. The new operating rooms increase the number of operating rooms to a total of 20, while the labor rooms reach a number of 6 in combination with the 17 pre-labor rooms.
• Radical renovation of the outpatients facilities on the 1st floor with a high aesthetic result that is combined with hospitable reception and waiting areas for visitors as well as gynecological exam rooms, in order to serve a greater number of women customers.
• Total renovation of the 6th and 7th floor patient wards.
• Construction of a VIP floor as a part of the 7th floor that includes 1 presidential suite, 3 Lux class suites and 1 Lux single bed room

MITERA owns a specially designed ambulance which serves as a Mobile Unit with state-of-the-art equipment that conforms to the international specifications (EN1865 standard) for newborn’s transport. After the exit from the hospital, MITERA provides support for the new mothers through the “MITERA at home” service.
At the same time, MITERA Children’s Hospital, the largest private paediatrics organization in Greece, advanced also in:

• Establishment of an integrated paediatrics center for the first time in Greece with specialized Departments for children and adolescents: an integrated cardio and cardio-surgery center, a department of adolescent medicine, a department of developmental medicine, a department of obesity – nutritional disorders, a department of pedogastrointestinal, childhood diabetes, children’s endocrinology, etc.
• Development of new Departments. MITERA Children’s Hospital is the only private clinic with a specialized neurosurgical Department for children.
• Radical renovation of all areas and development of a paediatrics floor (5th floor) with 29 rooms, 1 suite and a children’s care facility equipped with various toys and a library.

Being on duty for 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, MITERA Children’s Hospital covers all specialties of Clinical Paediatrics including Children’s Neurosurgery, Otorhynolaryngology and Orthopedics.

Moreover, the strategic target of HYGEIA Group is to establish Clinics that would serve as Reference Centres in Greece and abroad, by providing integrated health services in cutting-edge issues of the Medical Science.