MITERA: State-of-the-Art Hemodialysis Unit.Two Years of Operation

The MITERA Hospital state-of-the-art Hemodialysis Unit, dedicated to the treatment of patients with terminal chronic kidney disease (CKD) who require dialysis, has completed two years of operation.

Around 750 dialysis sessions are performed each month at the Unit. It operates in modern facilities, within a large and fully organized hospital, and has a capacity of 15 beds. It is staffed by doctors of all medical specialties who are on call 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

As noted by the Director of the Unit, Dr. Nikoletta Nikolopoulou, nephrology specialist, “In our two years of operation, we have performed dialysis on approximately 90 patients. In addition, patients about to undergo transplantations are prepared at MITERA, while two of our patients have already undergone successful transplantation procedures at the relevant center. Furthermore, we maintain contact with other hemodialysis units in Greece and abroad, to facilitate the transfer of our patients if the need arises. We also have a Yellow Unit (1 bed) for the treatment of patients with HBV.”

The MITERA Hemodialysis Unit boasts the latest technology and is staffed with experienced and qualified medical and nursing personnel, who ensure that patients receive top-level healthcare services, in line with international protocols.

Specifically, the Unit personnel includes distinguished nephrology specialists; a cardiologist with long experience in kidney disease who monitors the Unit patients on a permanent basis; a team of vascular surgeons with extensive experience and hands-on practice on vascular access techniques (grafts, fistulas, central venous catheters); qualified nurses with experience on hemodialysis treatments, as well as well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the clinical, psychological and social needs of patients with chronic conditions; a dietitian specializing on the dietary requirements of patients undergoing hemodialysis; and a psychologist with valuable experience on the problems encountered by chronically ill patients.

The Unit is also affiliated with the National Organization for Healthcare (EOPYY), which can cover the treatments performed.