MITERA: Postgraduate Internship Program

Endoscopic Gynecological Surgery and Urogynecology

In its efforts to offer quality medical services to patients and research-based training to young doctors, MITERA Hospital is organizing a Postgraduate Internship Program for the 5th year running. The Program aims at helping young doctors become familiar with and specialize in the new minimally invasive techniques available in Gynecology.

The Program focuses on Endoscopic Gynecological Surgery and Urogynecology and is headed by HYGEIA Group Scientific Associate Stefanos Chandakas, Endoscopic Surgeon and member of the MITERA Scientific Council. It is addressed to young physicians who have specialized in their field, but would like to gain additional experience and knowledge in Laparoscopic Surgery.

Anyone wishing to attend may send their application by Friday December 9, 2016. Classes begin on Tuesday January 10, 2017. For further information visit the MITERA  website, call on +302106869279 or send an email to

The Program is organized and carried out under the guidance of the MITERA Hospital Scientific Council (Head of Program: Georgios Kallipolitis, Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University of Athens, Chairman of the MITERA Scientific Council). Participants will receive an Attendance Certificate at the end of the Program.