MITERA-LETO: Unique Infant High Protection System with Electronic RFID bracelet

HYGEIA Group maternity hospitals MITERA & LETO, in cooperation with the subsidiary company of MIG Group, SingularLogic, in their effort to improve the quality of their services, have presented an innovative High Protection System, in order to highly assure the safety of the newborns during their stay in the Group’s hospitals.

The High Protection System is absolutely harmless for the neonates and renders impossible eventual attempts of abduction. Moreover, considerably decreases the possibilities of mistaken baby deliveries to new mothers.

This new technology is already being in use in the most distinguished European and American Maternity hospitals. It is authorized by the FDA, Class VI (medical use) and certified according to the European Standards EN300 328, EN 300 440 class 2.

In particular, neonates born in the Group’s Maternity Hospitals wear an hypo allergic, non-inflammatory, nontoxic and biocompatible bracelet, which is equipped with an electronic identity (RFID) that displays at any time the baby’s precise location inside the maternity hospital. The system is connected with the maternity hospital’s central infant management system and is activated in case of kidnapping from the hospital or of attempted bracelet removal from the infant.
Mr. Konstantinos Stavrou, President of MITERA maternity hospital, stated: “The safety needs at Maternity hospitals are increasing day by day and this fact led us to install this innovative protection system. It is 100% safe, both for the newborns and the personnel involved, since it does not emit radiation. It is another leader action of the Hygeia Group and can work as a benefit for the families that trust us what’s most precious for them, their children”.