MITERA: Free-of-charge Medical Assessment for Functional & Cosmetic Nose Repair

The newly established MITERA Hospital Functional & Reconstructive Nasal Surgery Department is offering a free-of-charge medical assessment for functional & cosmetic nose repair for a week.

The free exam is available to anyone visiting the MITERA Hospital website ( ) or Facebook page (, from Tuesday February 28 to Friday March 3, 2017. Anyone filling out their details on the special form will receive an email with all the information on how to have the exam performed. The exams will be performed from March 6 to 24.

The MITERA Hospital Functional & Reconstructive Nasal Surgery Department implements all the latest, internationally recognized techniques, offering comprehensive solutions to patients with functional and cosmetic problems. It is also equipped to restore nasal conditions in adults as well as congenital nasal problems in children and adolescents.

Ms Argyro Kypraiou, Director of the Department and ENT surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, noted, “The Department treats nasal breathing conditions, and investigates and restores nasal valve deficiencies using all the contemporary techniques, including grafts. It also performs reconstructive surgery of the nasal septum, either due to trauma or to a previous procedure. In addition, the Department specializes in reconstructive rhinoplasty in patients with congenital or post-traumatic deficits. Despite the fact that reconstructive nasal surgery requires fine movements and is time-consuming, it is completely painless and requires short hospitalization.”