MITERA Children’s Hospital: Supporting the Schools of Argyroupoli

HYGEIA Group’s MIITERA Children’s Hospital offered first-aid kits and medicinal products (essential/non-prescription) to the 38 schools of the Municipality of Argyroupoli free of charge. The action was part of the Hospital’s Corporate Social Responsibility, in response to the request of the local Parent & Guardian Association (PGA) for pharmaceutical support to all of the Municipality’s schools (primary schools, high schools and special schools).

During a ceremony held at the MikisTheodorakis Theater on Tuesday 29 November, representatives from the MITERA Children’s Hospital, accompanied by one of the Hospital’s ambulances, handed over the first-aid kits to the Municipality’s PGA. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Argyroupoli, Mr Christos Gortzidis; the Deputy Mayor in charge of Education, MrVasileiosBoukas; the President of the Municipality’s PGA, Mr Andreas Kardamakis; and the President of the 5th Primary School PGA, Mr Antonis Raptis.

The representatives of the local government and the PGAs thanked the HYGEIA Group for its kind effort and voiced the belief that this action will assist in raising social awareness among other bodies during these tough times, all for the benefit of the children.

On her part, the MITERA Children’s Hospital Administrative Director, MsDimitraVerroiopoulou, said, “For us at MITERA Children’s Hospital, children are the center of our universe. We could not but respond with sensitivity to the request of their parents, by caring for and safeguarding their everyday activities at school. Besides, in the almost 10 years it has been operating, the MITERA Children’s Hospital, the most comprehensive tertiary children’s healthcare provider in Greece, has been standing by children and their families with respect and a sense of responsibility, fully addressing all their needs.”
Upon concluding, MsVerroiopoulou accepted the Mayor’s request to provide support to the 17 schools belonging to the suburb of Elliniko, which now forms part of the same Municipality.