MITERA Children’s Hospital: Jason meets the kids in the waiting lounge

Young patients are greeted with a pleasant surprise at the MITERA Children’s Hospital waiting lounge: Jason, the Hospital’s ultra-intelligent robot, who meets and entertains them!

It is a Virtual Presence Robot that moves, talks, sings, screens images & movies, and accesses the internet via the Hospital’s Wi-Fi network. Jason is equipped with a camera, microphones and sensors and is mounted on a lightweight, elegant, remote-controlled, motor-driven platform. He can actually look up and down, smoothly move around tight spaces and even follow a person around the Hospital. If necessary, it can establish communication, with image and sound, between hospitalized children and their parents or friends, as well as the operators, who actually guide Jason when he is following a young patient.

Within the MITERA Children’s Hospital, Jason can virtually guide visitors as if they were there in person. It can:

  • Lead them to a patient’s bed
  • Lead them to a child who might be playing
  • Follow a child down a Hospital ward
  • Communicate with the nursing staff who provide healthcare services
  • Talk with the attending physicians

Hospital and clinical studies have shown that family participation, a friendly environment during recuperation and pleasant disposition on the part of the patient assist in faster recovery, and Jason is participating in this effort. Jason’s inclusion in the MITERA Children’s Hospital frontline boosts the Hospital’s steady efforts to continue offering top-quality healthcare services.