MITERA Children’s Hospital: Free Spinal Exam

October 16: World Spine Day

MITERA Children’s Hospital, a member of HYGEIA Group, is celebrating the World Spine Day on Sunday October 16, 2016 with free-of-charge spinal exams at the newly established Child & Adolescent Spine Center.

The exam is available to anyone visiting the website of MITERA Hospital ( as well as its Facebook page on, from Monday October 17 to Friday October 21, 2016. Anyone filling out their details on the special form will receive an email with all the information on how to have the exam performed.

Research has shown that 1,500 children visit their pediatrician annually for simple or complex conditions of the spine. Modern conservative and surgical treatment in children and adolescents with spinal conditions ensures quality of life (and in certain cases much better quality) for patients and their families.

The dedicated MITERA Children’s Hospital Child & Adolescent Spine Center offers comprehensive treatment of spinal conditions. The Spine Center team includes surgeons (orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and thoracic surgeons) with deep knowledge and long clinical experience in their respective fields, both in Greece and abroad. Throughout the monitoring and treatment process, the team is further assisted by other specialists, physiotherapists, orthotic therapists, nurses and psychologists.

The check-up packages form part of the HYGEIA Group extensive Corporate Social Responsibility Program. The Group actively participates in campaigns to raise public awareness, offering top healthcare services at affordable prices.