MITERA Children’s Hospital: Bedwetting Investigation at Special Rates-May 30, 2017: World Bedwetting Day

On the occasion of the World Bedwetting Day (May 30, 2017), MITERA Children’s Hospital, a member of HYGEIA Group, is offering a bedwetting investigation for children aged 6 to 15 at the special rate of €20.

The investigation includes a physical exam by a pediatric urologist. During the exam, the doctor will take down the child’s medical history, provide information to parents, and give instructions – based on each child’s individual needs – and a follow-up schedule. Once the instructions have been followed for three months, it is necessary for the child to have a kidney and bladder ultrasound performed, at the special rate of30€.

The exam is available to anyone visiting the MITERA website ( as well as its Facebook page on from Monday May 29 to Friday June 9, 2017. Anyone filling out their details on the special form ( will receive an email with all the information on how to have the exam performed.

MITERA Children’s Hospital is the only private hospital in Greece that runs a dedicated Clinic for child & adolescent urinary disorders, with the aim of offering comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. The Clinic caters for children with urinary bladder dysfunctions. These may include daytime accidental wetting or nighttime bedwetting, overactive bladder, frequent urinary tract infections, neurogenic bladder and postoperative urethral stricture, which may cause temporary or permanent kidney damage if left untreated. It is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosing and treating even the most complicated conditions, while its skilled staff offer continuous training and support to children and their families.