MITERA CHILDREN’ S HOSPITAL: Treatment of pulmonary diseases without thoracotomy in infantry and childhood – A pioneering surgery in Greece

MITERA Children’s Hospital of HYGEIA Group successfully carried out a Thoracoscopic Lung Lobectomy (TLL) in a 17- month-old girl. This type of surgery has already been applied in specialized hospitals abroad, while it was realized in Greece for the first time by the HYGEIA Group team of physicians consisting of Dr. Spyros Spyrakos, Paediatric Surgeon, Kosmas Iliadis, Thoracic Surgeon and Elpida Latoufi, Anesthesiologist.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques were applied i.e without thoracotomy. The young patient had a smooth post-operative progress and is expected to be discharged from the hospital in the upcoming days.

TTL is applied to the treatment of congenital and acquired lung diseases. The method’s advantages include low post-operative pain, shorter hospitalization time and improved aesthetic result. In addition to that, the implementation of this method can avoid any abnormal curves to the spine that are usually observed in infants or children after thoracotomy.

TTL is safe when realized by specially trained medical staff at a hospital with appropriate infrastructure.