MITERA: Breastfeeding Meeting. Baby-Friendly Hospital

A scientific meeting on Breastfeeding was successfully held at the N. Louros Conference Center on Saturday April 23. The meeting was organized by the MITERA Nursing Division.

Many doctors, nurses and members of the public attended the event, which aimed at providing updated information on breastfeeding. An array of interesting topics were raised about breastfeeding during the meeting, such as the benefits of rooming in for mother and child, the advantages of breast milk, the physiology of breastfeeding, diseases affecting breastfeeding mothers, difficulties and medications that affect breastfeeding, premature breastfeeding babies, as well as certain special conditions, including jaundice, hypoglycemia and electrolytic disorders.

As stated by the General Manager of MITERA, Ms Maria Papamarkou, “MITERA is the only private healthcare provider in Greece to have been certified as a Baby-Friendly Hospital (BFH), as it implements the practices required by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) for the BFH certification. Aiming at providing optimal maternity services, with a deep sense of respect for mothers and their newborns, we are always at the front line, furthering our knowledge and experience.”

MITERA Hospital offers free prenatal classes on breastfeeding, so that expectant mothers may fully understand the benefits and be taught the process of breastfeeding. It also operates a hotline (+30 210 6869000) as well as a Breastfeeding Outpatient Clinic for information and assistance on matters related to breastfeeding. A special area has also been set up at MITERA Hospital to accommodate breastfeeding mothers and their newborn babies. This area offers new mothers the opportunity to care for their babies as if they were at home. They can change their diapers and breastfeed them within the comfort of pleasant, clean and serene surroundings.