MITERA: Awarded for its exceptional work environment

MITERA is the only hospital in Greece to receive an award for its positive work environment in 2014, as it was ranked among the top companies listed as Best Workplaces 2014.

The survey, conducted in Greece by the Great Place to Work Institute Hellas in association with the ALBA Graduate Business School, ranked MITERA Hospital eighth in terms of its work environment among 22 companies with over 250 employees.

MITERA is the second HYGEIA Group hospital – following HYGEIA Hospital – to be awarded for its work environment. It achieved this distinction following a survey that included 54 companies with a total of 29,620 salaried employees. Note that the company awards are mainly based on answers provided by the employees themselves. Out of the MITERA employees who participated in the survey, 85.2% responded to the questionnaire.

Commenting on the survey results, MITERA Hospital’s Chairwoman, Ms Areti Souvatzoglou, stated, “This award constitutes a significant distinction for all of our company’s human resources. The Best Place to Work 2014 distinction proves that we have created a healthy, safe and stable work environment. Despite the tough times we are experiencing, we have managed to promote our moral values, through showing faith, dedication, responsibility and respect towards people. Anyhow, the primary aim of MITERA Hospital is to offer comprehensive and quality healthcare services to the whole family and to all age groups. Owing to the sincere and two-way relationship of trust and understanding between the management and employees, we have created a workplace with ideal conditions, which will become our driving force for the future.”

About the Best Workplaces survey: In Greece, the annual Best Workplaces survey for selecting the companies with the best workplace conditions is conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute Hellas, and the companies are jointly evaluated by the Institute and the ALBA Graduate Business School Applied Research Department. The companies are ranked based on the answers provided by the employees in the Trust Index© questionnaire (counts for 2/3), and the answers provided in the two Culture Audit© questionnaires (counts for 1/3) by the Human Resources Department, with regard to the Human Resources Administration practices followed. The results of these two tools (Trust Index© and Culture Audit©) determine the final ranking.

The survey examines and evaluates the following 5 main parameters with regard to working conditions, as defined by the Great Place to Work methodology:
1. Credibility by the Management.
2. Respect towards the employees.
3. Sense of justice within the company.
4. Sense of pride felt by the employees.
5. Camaraderie among the employees.