MITERA Assisted Reproductio Unit: Expanding its cooperation with all obstetricians-gynecologists in Greece

The Assisted Reproduction Unit of the MITERA Hospital has expanded its cooperation to include all obstetricians-gynecologists in Greece, both at a scientific and clinical level, in order to help as many couples facing subfertility problems as possible to have their own children.

The MITERA Assisted Reproduction Unit, which is a pioneering clinic in Greece, as it was the first one in Greece that operated within the safe environment and under the full support of an Obstetrics Clinic, also proceeded to renovate and expand its laboratories without the use of any toxic materials, using state-of-the-art technologies (“Clean Room” technology) to ensure improved embryo development conditions.

In the 1st Conference entitled “Trying to achieve perfect performance in Assisted Reproduction”, which was held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of MITERA, the Scientific Director of the Unit, Mr. Panagiotis Karantzis, stated: “One of the immediate goals of the Unit is to set up a Freezing Bank to safeguard ovarian tissue from women suffering from malignant tumors who are about to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, in order to ensure their fertility in the near future. “This is absolutely new in Greece”, he pointed out and added that “the MITERA IVF Unit has already become a Reference Center at a national level”.
Mr. Giles Palmer, Embryologist and Director of the IVF Embryology Department, stated that “trying to achieve perfect performance in Assisted Reproduction is no longer an option, it is an obligation. Our primary concern is to ensure laboratory quality control, that is, to set up the best laboratory conditions for improving embryo quality, thus contributing to healthy pregnancies”.

The Unit, which started its operation in the late ‘80s, is staffed with physicians who have had years of experience in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and embryologists with specialized scientific knowledge, while at the same time providing couples with integrated Counseling & Psychological Support services. The Unit performs 3,000 Assisted Reproduction therapies per year, thus enabling couples from Greece and abroad to have their own children.  Thanks to its high levels of success, it is one of the top In Vitro Fertilization centers in our country.