HYGEIA Offers 6,000 Free Medical Tests to the Residents of Leros. “Traveling for Health 2016” Initiative

The 6th action of the “Traveling for Health” initiative, hosted by HYGEIA Group on the island of Leros this time, has been successfully concluded, with the help of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG) companies.

A team of 110 volunteers made up of medical nursing, technical and administrative staff from HYGEIA Group traveled to the island on a SuperFast line ferry to examine 1450 residents, while they also performed around 6,000 free-of-charge physical and diagnostic exams.

The exams were performed at the Alinta Primary School on July 8 and 9 by a team of 39 physicians with 16 medical specialties, including vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedic specialists, urologists, ophthalmologists, internal medicine specialists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, general surgeons, plastic surgeons and ENT specialists. The facilities had been set up accordingly with equipment that had been transferred by HYGEIA Group vehicles.

The diagnostic tests included blood tests (CBC and biochemical), body ultrasounds, Pap tests & gynecological ultrasounds, cardiograms, heart Doppler ultrasounds and spirometry tests, while minor surgeries were also performed. In addition, HYGEIA Group doctors made 5 house calls to offer medical care. Dairy company DELTA also made a significant contribution to the effort, distributing milk, juices and tea to the people who arrived to be examined.

HYGEIA Group donated an all-in-one printer device, a DVD player, a computer and curtains to the Alinta Primary School, while a team of volunteers visited the local Social Grocery and donated foodstuff (long shelf-life food), cleaning products and evaporated milk. Furthermore, office furniture was donated to the island’s police station.

The team arrived on the island on July 7 and on the same day, the volunteers visited the local public hospital and donated BARBA STATHIS frozen goods, DELTA milk, yogurt, juices and tea, as well as clothing, bed linen, home appliances and cleaning products, all compliments of HYGEIA. They then visited the refugee hotspot and distributed milk, tea, juices and breakfast bars, donated by DELTA, as well as toys for the children, donated by HYGEIA. On the same day, they visited the Isidoreio Retirement Home, donating juices, milk, tea, long shelf-life food and money. Finally, they donated 75 vaccines to the Municipality for its staff.

The Mayor of Leros, Mr Michalis Kollias, warmly thanked the HYGEIA Group representatives, as well as all the volunteers who arrived on the island, noting “This contribution is extremely important given the tough times we are currently experiencing, especially due to the shortages at the hospital of Leros in terms of specialists and basic necessities, more so following the refugee plight and the increased tourism inflow in the last year.” He also expressed the hope that other organizations would follow this example.

Commenting on the initiative, the HYGEIA Group CEO, Mr Andreas Kartapanis, noted, “The tough times we are experiencing have urged us to continue supporting our fellow citizens in need, especially those who cannot easily access medical services. The program is based on the active volunteerism of the Group employees. To date, more than 7,500 citizens have been examined, while over 30,000 physical and diagnostic exams have been performed. We were rewarded by the enthusiasm, smiles and gratitude they so warmheartedly offered us, which encourages us to continue traveling for health.”