HYGEIA-MITERA–LITO Group: Consolidated earnings of MITERA and LITO for the first semester reached 12 mil. €

HYGEIA-MITERA –LITO Group: Consolidated earnings of MITERA and LITO for the first semester reached 12 mil. €
Consolidated results were increased for the first semester of 2007 for MITERA and LITO Turnover reached 47.7 mil € whereas Earnings before Taxes reached 12 mil. €.

The Chairman of the MITERA Board of Directors, Mr. Konstantinos Stavrou, in his comments on the first semester results, stated the following: “The financial results of MITERA-LITO after the first semester of the partnership of these two hospitals have a significant increase in reference to profits and return on capital, placing the Group in first places among companies functioning in the private health sector in Greece.

In the future we expect a further increase in our financial results and an improvement in the rendered services as a result of our investments in advanced medical equipment and infrastructure improvement.

Namely, we mention that during the first semester of 2007:

  • The new , Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device with high field uniformity 1.0T from Philips with support for Ambient Experience, has been installed and is currently under operation, which constitutes a top achievement of the Medical Imaging technology and one of the most advanced Magnetic Resonance systems that are currently available worldwide. MITERA is the first hospital organization in Greece that installs this new leading technology and one of the 50 organizations worldwide. This investment reached 2 mil Euros.
  • MITERA and LITO Breast Centres have been upgraded with the installation and operation of 2 latest GE digital mammography platforms which constitute another important investment of around 900.000 Euros
  • Improvement works have been completed in the premises of LITO Obstetrics Clinic, focusing on the restoration of Maria Mastoraki wing on the 3rd floor of the hospital, the reconstruction of the luxury rooms, and the construction of superb quality suite.

So, LITO Obstetrics clinic today has hospitalization beds of all classes.”