HYGEIA & MITERA: Latest Generation Laparoscopic Technology at the Service of Patients

HYGEIA Group hospitals HYGEIA and MITERA have installed the first 4K NBI technology endoscopy towers in Greece, manufactured by OLYMPUS.

Being an innovator in technical equipment upgrades, HYGEIA Group recently purchased the latest in medical technology, investing in these ultra high definition (4K) endoscopy towers (complete laparoscopic surgery systems).

The new endoscopic surgery systems offer significant advantages to surgeons, to the benefit of patients. The systems offer 4 times the resolution of Full HD models, consequently improving visibility during surgery, minimizing color deviations and offering better resolution of the entire operating field, so that thin tissues, such as nerves and vessels, are clearly visible. Meanwhile, the 55-inch high-definition and anti-reflection display offers real-life images, facilitating recognition of anatomical features and assisting in safer surgical techniques.
With the new laparoscopic surgery systems, complex procedures that require absolute precision are performed with greater safety, leading to unhindered patient recovery.