HYGEIA Group: Tree donation to the Municipality of Lavreotiki

HYGEIA and MITERA hospitals donated 50 Golden Crest trees to the Municipality
of Lavreotiki, as part of HYGEIA Group’s extensive Corporate Social Responsibility
campaign and its focus on comprehensive environmental management.

The trees, which had been used to decorate the exterior of the hospitals during
Christmas, were donated to the Municipality of Lavreotiki on Wednesday, January 16.
The trees will be planted in the area of Legraina, which was seriously affected by the
fires in the summer of 2012.

The Mayor of Lavreotiki, Mr Konstantinos Levantis, thanked HYGEIA Group’s
Management for its initiative, noting, “These types of actions decisively contribute to
healing the wounds left by the fires in the area and reflect our genuine sensitivity for
the area and the environment.”

On her part, HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Ms Areti Souvatzoglou, stated, “Focusing on
comprehensive environmental management, HYGEIA Group undertakes initiatives
that aim to protect both public and private health. Besides, two of HYGEIA Group’s
crystal-clear commitments are to care for and to sustain the environment. We believe
that this initiative highlights the strong sense of responsibility we all feel towards the
environment and we are hoping that this action will breathe new life into the affected