HYGEIA Group: Proud sponsor of the 2016 Greek Paralympic Team

HYGEIA Group, proud sponsor of the 2016 Greek Paralympic Team, has been actively supporting the individual and team athletes of the Hellenic Sports Federation for Persons with Disabilities, assisting them in their preparations for the Rio Paralympic Games, which are being held in Brazil in just a few days.

Throughout their preparation, HYGEIA Group stood by these athletes, offering free diagnostic tests, and covering medical consultations at all Group hospitals and associated medical centers nationwide.

It also supported athletes who had to undergo surgery or purchase equipment to compete in European championships, while it paid for their travel expenses to European qualifying events for the Paralympic Games.

HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Mr Andreas Kartapanis, noted, “It is a great honor for us to be standing by and supporting these athletes during a very demanding sporting mission, such as the Paralympic Games. The athletes of the Greek Paralympic Team appreciate the value of health better than anyone. Above all, though, these athletes constitute the best example of what willpower, strength and effort really mean, giving us the best life lesson in these difficult times we are experiencing: the strength of the human soul can overcome all obstacles. We support their efforts and we hope to welcome them back as winners!”