HYGEIA Group: Medical Exams at Special Rates. March 8: International Women’s Day

HYGEIA Group is celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, offering:
– one mammogram at the special rate of €30
– one check-up at the special rate of €45 (the check-up includes:  blood test, urine test, cholesterol, triglycerides, vision test, TSH, blood glucose, CRP, creatinine, urea and a physical exam)
All women having one of these exams performed will also receive a face peeling gift completely free-of-charge.

The medical exams are available to all women who visit the websites of HYGEIA and MITERA hospitals at  www.hygeia.gr and www.mitera.gr, as well as the social media pages www.facebook.com/mitera.hospitalwww.facebook.com/HygeiaHospitalwww.facebook.com/ygeianet until Tuesday March 10, 2015. By filling out your details on the special form, you will receive an email with all the information on how to have the exams performed.

The medical exams may be performed at HYGEIA & MITERA hospitals (Marousi), as well as the two HYGEIA Group diagnostic centers, Hygeianet Athens (1 Ventiri Street & V. Sofias Avenue, Hilton area) and Hygeianet Peristeri (177 Thivon Street, Peristeri).

Commenting on the initiative, HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Ms Areti Souvatzoglou, stated, “International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to women and a day of celebration for all women. With the pivotal message being “Keep healthy, keep smiling”, we aim to convey that prevention is a way of life that protects your health.”