HYGEIA Group: Latest generation treatment protocols for the benefit of patients

The HYGEIA Group is implementing the latest generation treatment protocols through Sellas Clinical Research Center, following an exclusive affiliation agreement between Sellas and the hospitals HYGEIA, MITERA and Hygeia Hospital Tirana. This affiliation aims at securing increasing access of patients suffering from serious illnesses to the most innovative treatment and medical research options, through an integrated network of doctors and clinical researchers.

Clinical protocols are an integral part of medical research and mainly relate to the methods developed for certifying and testing new medicines and treatments. Sellas specializes in diseases pertaining to over 70 different medical fields, such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, rheumatology and so on, and ensures that the clinical trials and the innovative treatments are carried out under strict specifications and in accordance with the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (ICH-GCP). Furthermore, all treatments are thoroughly reviewed by the company’s Clinical Board and the Scientific Boards of the HYGEIA Group’s hospitals, with subsequent submissions to and approvals by the Greek National Organization for Medicines (EOF).

Consequently, and owing to Sellas’ partnerships, it is possible to conduct research in association with major academic centers worldwide for new medicines and methods, which will constitute tomorrow’s treatments. Therefore, patients selecting them will be benefited prior to these treatments being available to the wide public.
Moreover, patients will be able to:
• undergo innovative treatments, aimed at their specific problem, without any added cost;
• have access to treatment protocols that have been approved by major institutions and organizations abroad;
• receive personalized healthcare of the highest scientific level in safe and state-of-the-art facilities.

HYGEIA’s General Manager, Mr. Andreas Kartapanis, noted, “Our efforts have always focused on us becoming a Center of Excellence for patients and medical staff throughout SE Europe, with the aim of becoming the biggest and most recognized private comprehensive healthcare provider. The affiliation with Sellas and its connections with world-renowned hospitals allow us to provide patients who entrust us with their health access to the most innovative treatment and medical research options.”

On his part, Sellas’ CEO and Chairman, Dr. Angelos M. Stergiou, stressed, “The partnership with the HYGEIA Group will enhance the patient experience substantially by offering the highest quality and best medical treatment options available, in terms of safety, efficacy and convenience, via our highly trained multi-disciplinary staff of doctors, nurses and research personnel. Through our affiliations with world-renowned physicians and hospitals, and the advent of telemedicine and other contemporary methods for exchanging information, we are able to treat patients in a superb environment, in order to maximize outcome, without having patients who suffer from serious health problems seeking treatment abroad.”

All patient visits take place within the HYGEIA Group hospitals, which include special diagnostic, laboratory and treatment units, or the SELLAS facilities.

A Few Words about Sellas
Sellas Clinical Research Center (www.sellasclinicals.com) has a staff of physicians that spans all medical specializations, invasive and non-invasive, nurses, and a dedicated group of research coordinators (CRA – Clinical Research Associate), specializing in the field of clinical research and trained according to the ICH-GCP guidelines. Operating in accordance with detailed research protocols, SELLAS enrolls patients in clinical trials and uniquely innovative treatment protocols. It uses an in-house software program which allows it to strategize patient enrollment across all medical indications and, as such, target a particular treatment option individually to the patient in need. Its staff’s specialization and experience allows Sellas to conduct a wide range of trials and treat patients with unique, cutting-edge and innovative treatment protocols. It aims at providing the most suitable treatment depending on the type and severity of the illness