HYGEIA Group: Healthcare Plan for Medical Consultations & Tests at just €15 a Year!

HYGEIA Group is celebrating World Health Day on Thursday April 7, offering the 1-Year Health outpatient plan at the special rate of €15 for adults and €10 for children.

The plan is available to anyone who visits the websites of HYGEIA and MITERA hospitals, members of HYGEIA Group, www.hygeia.gr and www.mitera.gr, as well as the social media pages www.facebook.com/mitera.hospitalwww.facebook.com/HygeiaHospital and www.facebook.com/ygeianet from Thursday April 7 to Thursday April 14, 2016.

The 1-Year Health plan for adults offers: unlimited free-of-charge scheduled medical consultations for 29 different specialties at HYGEIA Group hospitals and diagnostic centers; unlimited free-of-charge visits for medical emergencies with on-call specialties at the Outpatient Clinics of the hospitals; 70% discount off non-invasive diagnostic tests; and use of the call center 24/7 for information or to book appointments.

The children’s plan offers: unlimited free-of-charge visits for medical emergencies at the MITERA Children’s Hospital Outpatient Clinic for the specialties of pediatrics and pediatric surgery; 20% discount off scheduled appointments with pediatric subspecialties; and 70% discount off non-invasive diagnostic tests.

Commenting on the initiative, HYGEIA Group’s Chairwoman, Ms Areti Souvatzoglou, noted, “World Health Day is a day of celebration for everyone. Backed by the seal of quality of the Group’s hospitals and diagnostic centers, our aim is to continue conveying the message that prevention is a way of life for everyone. Besides, at HYGEIA Group, we have always served healthcare with respect and a deep sense of responsibility, since Health is above all else.”