HYGEIA Group: Free-of-charge ENT Exam to Children & Adults

March 3, 2017: World Hearing Day

On the occasion of the World Hearing Day (March 3, 2017), HYGEIA & MITERA Hospitals and HYGEIA Group diagnostic centers Hygeianet Athens & Peristeri are offering a free-of-charge ENT exam to children and adults.
The free exam is available to anyone visiting the HYGEIA (www.hygeia.gr) and MITERA (www.mitera.gr) Hospital websites or Facebook pages www.facebook.com/HygeiaHospitalwww.facebook.com/mitera.hospital and www.facebook.com/ygeianet from Thursday March 2 to Wednesday March 15, 2017. Anyone filling out their details on the special form will receive an email with all the information on how to have the exam performed.

If deemed necessary, tympanometry testing (children up to 16 years of age) or audiometry testing (adults over 16 years of age) will also be offered at the special rate of €20.

The World Hearing Day was established at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is held annually on March 3. This date was chosen because the numbers (3/3) resemble human ears.

Hearing loss is the most frequent sensory deficit in human population. Globally, over 275 million people are affected by hearing impairments. According to the WHO, hearing impairments may be adequately prevented with public health measures, such as immunization, improved maternal and child health practices, and safe workplace conditions.