HYGEIA Group: Expanding towards Medical Tourism HYGEIA & MITERA Certified by TEMOS

HYGEIA Group is entering the medical tourism market, after its two largest hospitals, HYGEIA and MITERA, have been certified by TEMOS, the only organization certifying medical tourism services worldwide. The Group aims at expanding its healthcare services to an international level. The HYGEIA and MITERA hospitals are the only hospitals in Greece and among the twenty leading healthcare providers internationally to have been certified by TEMOS for their proven ability to address the needs of foreign patients. At the same time, their medical specialties and departments cover the entire range of available healthcare services.

The HYGEIA Group has also established a specialized International Patient Services Department, so as to fully satisfy the individual needs of patients and their families.

HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Ms AretiSouvatzoglou, noted, “The high quality of healthcare services offered and the competitive commercial/business policy adopted by the HYGEIA Group, along with the fact that Greece is still an attractive tourist destination in the midst of the crisis, makes us the ideal choice for patients who entrust their health to us. The successful onsite inspection and the subsequent certification are quite important for our hospitals, since they offer us the possibility of accessing an extensive network of healthcare providers in the medical tourism market, with the ultimate aim being to expand our customer base and attract foreign patients.”

The TEMOS Certification System constitutes a seal of trust and safety for international insurance companies and medical assistance organizations worldwide. It also ensures that quality standards in healthcare services are adopted, in accordance with international practices, and the demands of people interested in medical tourism and cross-border healthcare services are met, all in the aim of upgrading the management of international patients.

Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing services worldwide. Approximately 14.5 million foreign arrivals are recorded annually in Greece, thus highlighting the potential of promoting medical tourism as a newly developing service.