HYGEIA: “Erato” at the service of patients

A new state-of-the-art robot at the Hospital’s Outpatients Clinic

Patients and their visitors will now have the chance to communicate interactively with a new state-of-the-art robot, Erato.
Erato welcomes, serves and guides patients throughout their visit to the Outpatients Clinic.
It is a Virtual Presence Robot that moves, talks and accesses the internet via the Hospital’s Wi-Fi network. Erato is equipped with a camera, microphones and sensors, and is mounted on a remote-controlled, motor-driven platform. The platform has a balancing system that allows the robot to safely move around the Hospital.
The robot will assist patients and visitors to:
– Communicate with it interactively and get information on the services offered by the Hospital.
– Receive instructions on how to get to the Hospital’s various departments and clinics.
– Record their views and remarks, as part of the patient quality and safety improvement program.

In the over 35 years it has been operating, HYGEIA Hospital continues to be an innovator it its field, constantly updating the services it offers and investing in new technologies and methods, with the aim of providing top level healthcare services.