Healthcare Program for the Hellenic Coast Guard

As part of its extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program, and acknowledging the social contribution of the Hellenic Coast Guard, HYGEIA Group has decided to actively contribute to these efforts, by offering free-of-charge healthcare services to all individuals serving in the Hellenic Coast Guard.

Furthermore, the Group will donate 5 Telemedicine Systems to be used on sea craft or remote facilities of the Coast Guard, while it will also offer training to the system operators, which will be performed by HYGEIA’s medical staff.
Additionally, a full check-up will be offered free-of-charge to all the men and women serving in the Coast Guard. The check-ups may be performed either at HYGEIA and MITERA Hospitals or at the diagnostic centers Hygeianet Athens & Hygeianet Peristeri.

All the above announced during an event that was held at the headquarters of the Hellenic Coast Guard, located within the Ministry for Shipping and the Aegean, on October 8, 2013. The event was attended by the General Secretary of the Greek Cabinet, Mr Panagiotis Baltakos, the Chief of the Coast Guard, Vice-Admiral Dimitrios Bantias, and the Director of the Coast Guard’s Health Department, Captain Nikolaos Sofoulis, all of whom thanked HYGEIA Group for its generous donation.

The Chairman of the HYGEIA Group Board of Directors, Mr Andreas Vgenopoulos, stated:
“Today, we have proceeded with a significant initiative to fulfill the needs of the Hellenic Coast Guard, as well as the men and women who offer their invaluable services to the country and society in general. Through this initiative, we are actively demonstrating that we acknowledge their endeavors and the tremendous efforts they expend daily, under treacherous conditions, while we will try to support them in their valuable mission. We feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to assist them.”