Free-of-Charge Medical Exams for Women and Children of the National Centre for Social Solidarity

20 December: International Human Solidarity Day

HYGEIA Group’s MITERA Hospital and MITERA Children’s Hospital announced that from now on they will be offering free-of-charge medical exams to the women and children resorting to the Greek National Centre for Social Solidarity (EKKA). This offer responds to the relevant request by the EKKA and is being announced today, 20 December, on the occasion of the International Human Solidarity Day.

The HYGEIA Group’s hospitals, as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, are standing by and assisting in the valuable efforts of the EKKA. Their aim is to ensure early and correct diagnosis of the health problems faced by individuals suffering from severe social and emotional crises, and needing immediate support.

The EKKA’s administration and staff voiced their heartfelt gratitude to the HYGEIA Group for its generous offer. The action will assist the vulnerable and financially weaker population groups, who benefit from the EKKA’s welfare services.

The head doctor and coordinator of the affiliation, Ms Eleftheria Krikeli, Director of the 1st Pathology Clinic at MITERA, noted, “For us, women and children are the center of our universe. The HYGEIA Group always stands by those in need. With this affiliation, we aim to contribute effectively towards the efforts made by the National Centre for Social Solidarity, ensuring both early diagnosis of the health problems faced by those people and proper treatment, limiting any further aggravation of their condition.”

The EKKA is a state organization, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. Its mission is to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the actions performed by social welfare bodies throughout the country. At the same time, during emergency situations, it offers services addressing the social needs of vulnerable individuals and population groups, such as adolescents and women (with or without children); victims of domestic violence, abuse, exploitation and illegal human trafficking; as well as adults in emergency situations. At its Shelters, specialized employees offer guarded hospitality and care, advice, as well as psychological and social support. It should be noted that the EKKA’s activities aim at handling crises and preventing the potential consequent dangers.

In this context, the State recently assigned the EKKA with the task of setting up and operating a National Child Protection Helpline (Tel. No 1107), with the aim to provide psychological and social support to minors. This complements the EKKA’s direct social aid line (197), which has been operating since 2003, 24/7, providing information and advice, as well as social and psychological support.