A unique, fully-equipped, Centre to treat Paediatric Arrhythmias in Greece

A unique in Greece, integrated Electrophysiology – Pacemaker Laboratory able to treat paediatric arrhythmias started its operation in MITERA Paediatric Clinic of HYGEIA Group. Paediatric arrhythmias are a section of the Paediatric Cardiology specialty and can be treated safely and efficiently only by professionals with specialized knowledge and long experience.

Mr. Ioannis Papayiannis, Director of the Paediatric Cardiologic Clinic of MITERA, stressed that ”Doctors and staff who carry out these procedures have received special training and have gained experience in Greece and abroad. The Paediatric Cardiologic and Cardiosurgical Clinics of MITERA Paediatrics Clinic collaborate closely to provide all children with appropriate antiarrhythmic treatment”.

The Electrophysiology Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art radioscopic devices and electrophysiology equipment that can treat any type of arrhythmias. Even the most seriously ill patients can be monitored and treated in the Intensive Care Unit. A regular centre that monitors patients with permanent pacemakers-defibrillators is also operating. The Centre collaborates with other specialized centres in Greece and abroad on molecular diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

About 1 out of 250 children has experienced tachycardia incidents. Several children also suffer from genetic disorders which can make them predisposed to life-threatening arrhythmias (long QT syndrome, cardiomyopathies). Bradycardia is also another disorder that may appear in fetal life or after a heart operation (atrioventricular block).

Nowadays, children suffering from tachycardia can be treated by means of radiowaves or cryoablation, with a success rate higher than 95%. Children with serious bradycardia can be treated with a pacemaker, that can be implanted even in newborn infants, while life-threatening arrhythmias can be treated using a permanent implantable defibrillator.

All these treatment procedures are carried out by specialized and experienced doctors of the Paediatric Cardiologic and Cardiosurgical Clinic.

Mr. Ioannis Papayiannis is the Director of the Paediatric Cardiologic Clinic, Mr. Georgios Sarris is the Director of the Paediatric Cardiologic Clinic and Mr. Georgios Kyrvassilis is the Head of Intensive Care Unit.