A small hippo for the children at MITERA Children’s Hospital

As of today, apart from Jason the Robot, the young patients at MITERA Children’s Hospital have yet another pal to keep them company: Hippocrates the Hippo!

Hippocrates is a happy purple mascot who has been named after the father of modern Medicine. He is here to teach and entertain, making the hospital environment as pleasant as possible and keeping the children’s spirits up.

Hippocrates the Hippo keeps children company, entertains them with creative games, and teaches them all they need to know about personal hygiene (such as how to wash their hands properly or how to brush their teeth effectively). Furthermore, along with a trained nurse, he accompanies young patients on their way to have medical tests or surgery performed. This friendly hippo never neglects to warmly greet the children every morning and serve them their breakfast in bed.

In addition, with the help of the MITERA Children’s Hospital music therapists and teachers, he reads stories to children, paints and does handicrafts along with them, and organizes team games or movie screenings in the Hospital’s lounge.

As HYGEIA Group’s Chairwoman, Ms Areti Souvatzoglou, noted, “At MITERA Children’s Hospital, we are well aware of how important a positive attitude is when faced with health problems – especially for children. For this reason, we have created a truly soothing environment for the children. Both Hippocrates and Jason the Robot have been valuable additions to the Hospital staff, assisting in our solid efforts to make children feel safe throughout their hospital stay, within a warm and friendly environment.”