Tsakagiannis Dimitrios

Tsakagiannis Dimitrios General Surgeon

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • M.D. Degree in Medicine (Summa Cum Laude), 1989
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Certificate, 1989
  • Federal Licensing Examinations Certificate, Massachusetts, USA, 1992
  • Fellow in Surgery, Tufts University Medical School, 1991-1993
  • Premedical Tutor, Harvard University, Dunster House, 1992-1996
  • Doctoral Thesis (Ph.D), University of Athens Medical School, 1993
  • Fellow in Surgery, Harvard Medical School, 1993-1995
  • Title of medical specialty in Surgery (Greece), 1997 • Diploma of American Boards of Surgery, 1998


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • American College of Surgeons

  • American Medical Association

  • SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons) 

  • Founding Board Member of The Angiogenesis Foundation Inc., USA 

  • Harvard Medical Alumni Association

  • Tufts Medical Alumni Association

  • UMASS Medical Alumni Association 

  • President of the Hellenic-American Medical Society 

  • General Medical Council, England 

  • Athens Medical Association


Work Experience

  • Research Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology, University of Athens, Medical School, 1989-1990

  • Internship in Surgery, Airforce General Hospital Athens, Greece, 1/1990-10/1990 

  • Research Fellow in Surgery, CHMC, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 1990-1991

  • Resident in Surgery, St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Tufts University Medical School, Boston, USA, 1991-1993 

  • Resident in Surgery, CHMC, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 1993-1994

  • Clinical and Research Fellow in Surgery, CHMC, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 1994-1995

  • Resident in Surgery, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Boston, USA, 1995-1996 

  • Chief Resident in Surgery, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Boston, USA, 1996-1997

  • Associate in Surgery, Hygeia Hospital Medical Center, Athens, Greece, 1998- current



  • He has participated and presented in many international surgical conferences and has many scientific publications in peer review journals.

Recent Publications

  • “Use of a diathermy system in theroid surgery”, Arch. Surgery, 139 (9): 997-1000, 2004, Kiriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Linos D.

  • “Laparoscopic excision of bilateral primary adrenal leiomyosarcomas in a 14 year old girl with aquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)”, Surgery 136 (5): 1098-100, 2004, Linos D, Kyriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Theodoridou M, Chroussos G. • “Metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma”, Adrenal glands, Linos D (ed), Springer 151-157, 2005, Tsakayannis D, Linos D

  • Laparoscopic management of a ruptured giant epidermoid splenic cyst. Kiriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Linos D. JSLS 9(3):349-351, 2005 

  • Effect of green tea on angiogenesis and severity of atherosclerosis in cholesterol-fed rabbit. Kavantzas N, Chatziioannou A, Yanni AE, Tsakayannis D, Balafoutas D, Agrogiannis G, Perrea D. Vascul Pharmacol. 44(6):461-3. Epub 2006 May 11, 2006. 

  • Surgical management of adrenal myelolipoma: a series of 10 patients and review of the literature. Kiriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Linos D. Minerva Chir. 61(3):241-6, 2006

  • Laparoscopic management of complicated appendicitis.Kiriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Linos D. JSLS. 10(4):453-6, 2006 

  • Reinforcement does not necessarily reduce the rate of staple line leaks after sleeve gastrectomy. A review of the literature and clinical experiences. Chen B, Kiriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Wachtel MS, Linos D, Frezza EE.Obes Surg. 19(2):166-72, 2009

  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in morbidly obese patients. Technique and short term results. Kiriakopoulos A, Varounis C, Tsakayannis D, Linos D. Hormones.8(2):138-43, 2009 

  • Adrenal ganglioneuromas: incidentalomas with misleading clinical and imaging features. Linos D, Tsirlis T, Kapralou A, Kiriakopoulos A, Tsakayannis D, Papaioannou D. Surgery. 149(1):99-105, 2011