Perakis Antonios

Perakis Antonios Phychiatrist Neurologist

Director, Neurology Department HYGEIA Hospital

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • 1979-1985: Faculty of Medicine Graduate, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, marked with “Excellent”
  • 1985-1989: Neurology Specialty, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Continuing education:
Regular participation in annual congresses organized by:

  • American Academy of Neurology
  • European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis
  • European Academy of Neurology


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Hellenic Neurological Society

  • Hellenic Society for Neuroscience

  • American Academy of Neurology

  • New York Academy of Science


Work Experience

  • 1990 Reservist Registrar, Neurology Clinic, 251 Air Force General Hospital

  • 1991-1993: Scientific associate, European Council Regulation 815/84, Leros PIKPA Asylum Deinstitutionalisation and Rehabilitation Project

  • 1993-2010: Associate Physician, HYGEIA Hospital & private practice

  • 2010-currently: Director, Neurology Clinic, HYGEIA Hospital


Clinical & Research Interest

Participation in multicenter clinical studies in progress:

  • ACTIVE I (atrial fibrilation clopidogrel trial with irbesartan for prevention of vascular events).

  • CISAVOMS (study on patients with high risk potential of conversion to CDMS)


Honors & Awards

  • 1980 & 1981: Highest grade scholarship, University of Athens 

  • 1980-1985: Annual State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) scholarship 

  • 1982 & 1983: New researcher scholarship, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Columbia University, New York

  • 1984: First prize in new researcher category, Sotiris Papastamatis Prize, Athens Medical Society (PhD candidate, Athens University Medical School)


Recent Publications

  • A. Perakis and A. Delitheos. Procaryotic cell division and the possibility of reversible pharmacologic interference. Hippocrates; 6:61-65, 1981.

  • A. Perakis and F. Stylianopoulou. Effects of a prenatal androgen peak on rat brain sexual differentiation. J Endocrinology; 108:281-285, 1986.

  • AD Colon, A Plaitakis, A Perakis, S Berl and SS Clarke. Purification and characterization of a soluble and a particulate glutamate dehydrogenase from rat brain. J Neurochemistry; 46:1811-1819, 1986.

  • M Gizzi, S Rudolph and A Perakis. Ocular flutter in vidarabine toxicity. Am J Ophthalmology; 109:105, 1990.

  • A Perakis, D Tsagris and A Maniatis. Neurobrucellosis presenting as relapsing subacute meningitis and peripheral neuropathy. J Infect Diseases; 104:31-35, 1991.

  • J Tsiantis, A Perakis, P Kordoutis, G Kolaitis and V Zacharias. The Leros PIKPA Asylum Deinstitutionalisation and rehabilitation project. Br J Psychiatry; 167:10-45, 1995.

  • J Tsiantis, P Kordoutis, G Kolaitis, A Perakis and H Assimopoulos. The psychosocial dynamics of change at the Leros PIKPA asylum. Br J Psychiatry; 167:46-55, 1995.

  • P Kordoutis, G Kolaitis, A Perakis, P Papanikolopoulou and J Tsiantis. Change in care staff’s attitudes toward people with learning disabilities following intervention at the Leros PIKPA asylum. Br J Psychiatry; 167:56-69, 1995.

  • A Perakis, G Kolaitis, P Kordoutis, M Kranidioti and J Tsiantis. Mortality among institutionalised people with learning disabilities in Greece: a 30 year survey at the Leros PIKPA asylum. Br J Psychiatry; 167:70-77, 1995.

  • D Avramides, A Perakis, V Voudris and P Gezerlis. Noninvasive assessment of left ventricular systolic function by stress shortening relatio, rate of change of power, preload-adjusted maximal power and ejection force in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy: prognostic implications. J Am Soc Echocardiography; 13:87-95, 2000.

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