Panagioti Bozori Eirini

Panagioti Bozori Eirini Internist

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Certified Physician of Internal Medicine 2000

Post –Grand, Continuing Education:

  • Monitoring continuing medical education seminars “Evaggelismos” Hospital 1995-2000
  • Clinical education in ICU,”Evaggelismos” Hospital, Director Prof.H.Roussos.
  • Annual further training courses on Diabetes mellitus 1998-2014
  • Monitoring postgraduate seminars in infections diseases from 2006 until 2015
  • Monitoring seminars “Days of internal diseases ” per year from 2000


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Member of Athens Medical Association

  • Member of Greek Infections Diseases Association 

  • Member of Greek Hematologic Association

  • Member of Greek Alzheimer Disease and Related disorders


Work Experience

  • Resident of Internal medicine 1st internal medicine clinic, General Hospital “Laiko Nosokomeio “, Athens 1992-1993.

  • License to practice medicine , Perfecture of Ioannina.

  • Resident of internal medicine –Oncology clinic- Director Prof. K. Alexopulos 04/1995-04/1996.

  • Resident of internal medicine ,5-th Internal Medicine Clinic, General Hospital “ O Evaggelismos”, Director Prof. G. Chalevelakis 04/1996-10/2000.

  • Free medical profession – 3/2000. Internist, clinical Fellow 2nd, internal medicine clinic, Hygeia Hospital Director

  • C. Lyberatos 11/2000 -07/2004.

  • Internist, clinical fellow (grade B) and (grade A) Vrakidou team-Internal Sector- Hygeia Hospital: 2003-2011.

  • Consultant of Hygeia Hospital 09/2011- Present.


Clinical & Research Interest

Clinical Interest:

  • Infections Diseases.

  • Diabetes Mellitus.

  • Hematological Diseases.

Research Interest:

  • Hematology.

  • Oncology.

  • Infections diseases.


Recent Publications

  • Eur J Orthop. Surg.Traumatol.Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia: A rare manifestation in case of uncemented total hip replacement and review of the literature

  • The karyotypic composition of myelodysplastic syndrome exhibits greater Homogeneity in the WHO Classification system – compared to FAB

  • V617 F JAK-2 MUTATION: Reliable indicator clonality and differential diagnosis in years Myeloproliferative

  • Diseases

  • The CA125 INDEX Term in patients with Hodgkin and non Hodgkin Diseases