Nikolopoulos Nikolaos

Nikolopoulos Nikolaos Orthopedist

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate School of Medicine University of Athens
  • Title Specialty Orthopaedic


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Medical Association of Athens



Work Experience

  • 4/02/1986-27/1/1987: military term of office as a doctor

  • 9/3/1987-19/4/1988: service in rural clinic

  • 20/4/1988-31/5/1989: Resident university surgical department general hospital of PATRAS

  • 1/6/1989-16/7/1991: specializing in orthopedic clinic of the University of Patras

  • 14/8/1991-29/6/1993: specializing in orthopedic clinic of the General Hospital of Athens (Benaki Korgialenio)

Education Experience

  • Trainer in upper limb in juries and issues microsurgery

  • Trainer orthopedic hospital in Tripol iunder the auspices of the university orthopedic clinic Patras

  • Professor of orthopedic nurses in school ECA hospital

  • Orthopedic courses of nurses at hygeia hospital, Athens, Greece


Clinical & Research Interest

  • Seminarupper limbinjuriesandmicrosurgery (May 1990)

  • AO Basic Course on the operative treatment of fractures and non-unions (June 1990)

  • Training inmethodsIlizarovsurgicalexperience (NONUNION_ ELONGATEBONE)

  • Seminarsintramedullarynailing (October 1991-1993)

  • Internshipseminar for total knee replacement (February 1992)

  • AO Advanced Course on the operative treatment of fractures and non-unions Theoretical basis and practical principles (October 1992)

  • seminaradvancedknowledgein theexternal fixation(wounds and boneelongation)

  • NATIONALseminargraduallengthening-slidingbone grafts

  • European Congress on the Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis (Rome, April 2013)

  • Meeting: to be on the right side of the science (Abu Dhabi, March 2015)


Recent Publications

  • Scaphoidligamentlesions-clinical evaluation and treatment

  • Surgical treatment of metatarsalgy case of heads of metatarsal

  • Deal fractures hooks and hook-delayed diagnosis

  • Surgical treatment of fracture of the peripheraledge of the humerus in adults

  • The management of the Fractures of the femoral with external fixation