Michailidi Maria

Michailidi Maria Cardiologist

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Acquisition of the Cardiology Specialty upon examinations at the First University Department under the supervision of Professor Christodoulos Stefanadis.
  • Medical Degree at the Medical School Federico II of Naples of Italy with a graduation mark Excellent (105/110), upon presentation of her dissertation paper entitled “Celiac Disease and Pregnancy’’.
  • Acquisition of her High school diploma at Varvakeio Model School with the mark: Excellent “195/11.


Work Experience

  • Clinical Cardiologist of the “Hygeia” Hospital since February 2011 up to the present date at Dr. Nikos Ioannou Cardiology team and as an associated consultant at the “Mitera’’ Hospital. 

  • From January 2010 until January 2011 Associate consultant at the “ Agios Savvas” Cancer Hospital of Athens from January 2010 until January 2011 

  • Specialty registrar at the Cardiologic Department of “Elpis” Hospital of Athens with a previous specialty registrar of two years as an Internist of the same Hospital.

  • Compulsory rural service at the Tinos Health Centre and three-months as a specialty registrar at the Syros Hospital of Cyclades.

Education Experience:

  • She has worked as an educator during her specialty registrar years with presentation of cases and constant bibliographical update and also, as a specialist cardiologist, at the Internal Medicine Department of the “Agios Savvas” Athens Cancer Hospital, where she participated in the training of specialty registrars in Internal Medicine – Oncology.

  • B.S.L. basic resuscitation degree.


Clinical & Research Interest

  • During her training as a specialty registrar and as a specialized doctor, she participated as a writer, speaker and as president in scientific projects of the Departments where she worked, via projects for Congresses such as the Annual Pan-Hellenic Congress, the Hellenic Cardiology Association Congress, the Pan-Hellenic Heart Failure Congress . She has participated in a great number of Congresses .

  • Clinical activity in her department, where, under the supervision of her former Head of Department, Dr. N.Ioannou, she follows patients with various cardiologic problems.

  • Sensible about the issues that concern people with heart diseases and mental disabilities. Recently she participated as a speaker at a one-day seminar for the necessity of physical exercise for people with mental disabilities.


Honors & Awards

  • Reference letters proving her ethics, scientific knowledge and, most and foremost, her diligence from the various departments she has been collaborated.

Recent Publications

  • E. I. Mainas, I Gioulmbasanis, G. M. Michaelides , C. Latoufis, M.Christoforidou.. Absolute risk of stroke and carotid atherosclerosis in diabetic pazients.13th European Stroke Conference, Cerebrovascular diseases.Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany Μay 12-15 2004 (P.10, Book of Abstracts)

  • Michaelides M, Panagiotou I, Skorda L, Papadimitriou K, Gioulbasanis I, Mainas E, Latoufis C, Christoforidou M, Artikis V. Nutricion and quality of life in elderly patients hospitalized for acute disease. 2nd World Congress on Quality in Clinical Practice ,Thessaloniki Greece, June 3th-6th 2004. (P15,Book of Abstracts)

  • Ageliki Skoura, Maria Michaelides, Athanasios Trikas. Post-Preeclampsia Acute Myocardial Infarction during Puerperium in a Woman with normal Coronary Vessels. Hellenic J Cardiol 2008, 48 :55-58, 2008